Topic 3 – Reflection

I enjoyed this week’s topic as it was all about applying the technical learning from Topic 2.

How to build a professional profile in the right way is of interest and importance to me. As a soon-to-be graduate, I often feel (and I know I am not alone in this) more than slightly daunted by the contemporary pressure to join the job market rat race. This topic has helped me to get a calm handle on some of the main things to be aware of online.

It seems obvious now, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that blogging can be a very beneficial addition to your professional profile, for the reasons highlighted in the below animation. I am now even happier to be taking this module which has introduced me to blogging and exhibiting the right skills and competencies to future employers.

Although I have opened a LinkedIn account, this topic has made me realise that I want to invest proper time and thought in setting this up in the right way. The finished profile will be influential to how people perceive me professionally.

I agree with Eloane’s reflection that the discussions generated in topic 3 are the best to date; they flow much better and are more stimulating. For example, Madelaine and I discussed the implications of recruitment going online, such as compromised Equal Employment Opportunities. On Eloane’s blog we debated authenticity, which led back to issues of online identity from topic 2. I am also noticing how students are developing a distinct blogging style. I found Mary and Eloane’s blogs to be full of personality and concise information presented in an accessible way.

Moving forward, with each topic I am feeling more confident and eager to build my digital skills and understanding.

Word count: 297


Eloane’s post

Mary’s post


Feature image: credit to Pexels

Video: self-produced using PowToon





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