Topic 1 – Reflection

Interacting with other students on the course really brought the topic to life. The process of reading and commenting on a range of blog posts provided me with a richer understanding of the digital Visitors and Residents concept. This led me to form my own opinions and challenge some of the statements in Cherie’s blog.

Through my reading I observed that those who had succinctly covered the topic by combining images, infographics and videos with concise explanations, had space left to put a personal spin on their post, creating a more original and engaging response within the constraints of the word count. For example, Cherie pointed out the popularity of Instagram among the socially Resident and Jordan embedded a video which added an immigrant perspective on the topic.

I felt inspired both by the blogs of others and the discussion generated on my own blog (particularly Emily’s suggestions), to visually represent my own online identity using White’s axis. This definitely gave me an improved understanding of how to apply the Visitors and Residents metaphor. My initial post ended by focusing on the complexities of White’s theory and the ambiguous online approaches of the future, so it felt good to gain some clarity towards the end of the topic.


The infographic is significantly more useful than the one in my initial post. It shows me that I have a reasonably balanced online approach incorporating Visitor and Resident approaches for Personal and Institutional purposes. The bottom right quadrant (Institutional/Resident) is the one I have only more recently ventured into as a young adult, and am looking to develop during the module.

The past two weeks have a formed a fast-paced introduction to ‘Living and Working on the Web’ and I am looking forward to the new challenges posed by Topic 2!

Comment on Cherie’s blog available here and Jordan’s here.

Word count: 3o7


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