My digital genesis

‘The nature of knowledge is changing and, in this digital age, our definition of basic literacy urgently needs expanding’ (The Guardian, 2011)

By choosing to study the award-winning module ‘Living and Working on the Web’ at university, I am endeavouring to improve my digital literacy in our ever more digital society.

Despite the assumption that the younger generation are more technically able, I feel I am severely lacking the knowledge and understanding to make the most of the wealth of digital tools and online networks on offer. I am accustomed to passive online consumption, but I want to be able to actively create and handle my own digital material. This is not only of personal importance to me, but also professional, as I am aspiring to a career in Marketing; a part of the communications industry which is increasingly online in focus.

I took a self test to construct my current digital profile:

*1 = no experience 5 = very experienced

Rating at start of module                                 Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information            3 My degree has developed my research ability and critical skills; I have some experience in extracting and evaluating online material.
Participating in online communities           2 I have Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat accounts which I use regularly but would like to engage more with professional platforms and online learning communities.
Building online networks around an area of interest            1 I have never established a network around an area of interest, blogging or otherwise, so am excited at the prospect of starting a WordPress website and building a network of interest around the course topics with other students.
Collaborating with others on shared projects           3 I have worked on group presentations and projects as part of my degree. I find collaborative work to be a challenging but rewarding way of working.
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)           2 As part of my Art Foundation I worked with video software and manipulated images on Photoshop. I found the tools difficult to get to grips with and would need more practice to develop my skills. I am looking forward to experimenting with Powtoons and other infragraphics on the module.
Managing your online identity           2 I manage this fairly well although my online presence is limited to social media platforms. I hope to broaden my digital reach over the course of the module and beyond.
Managing your online privacy and security           3 I feel I have a grip on my online privacy. Some of my profiles are public (Instagram and Twitter), while others are private (Facebook), due to the amount of personal information involved. I would be interested to learn more ways of ensuring online security.

On this module I hope to gain a greater understanding of the ways in which the web has fundamentally changed how we live, learn and work. I want to improve my digital confidence and start to build a more professional, proficient and engaging online identity.

I have a creative background and strong writing skills from my studies in Art and English, which have helped me to develop a broad understanding of visual and verbal communication. I hope to bring these skills to bear in my new blog!


Knight, S. 2011. Digital literacy can boost employability and improve student experience. The Guardian. Available at: [accessed 7 January].



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